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Jean-Charles Coudret, Baker Halles de Talence

I opened my second location at Halles de Talence and my business soared! I did well at my first location by myself, but it was the exposure at this second market that increased my revenue tremendously!

Maxime Péan, Fishmonger Halles 5 Cantons - Anglet

There is a certain synergy between all of us in the market. Our customers immediately feel at home here. Working alongside enthusiastic and passionate artisans not only keeps me at the top of my game but is a real advantage for us all.

Jean-Pierre Lacaze, Poultry Halles 5 Cantons - Anglet

There's an incredible general dynamic to this place that I love. The people come in and buy my birds, week after week. It is a staple of their week. I know their kids and their friends and their secrets sometimes. Biltoki is a way of life, more than a grocery store.

Antoine Augeard, Charcuterie Halles Bacalan

Les Halles de Bacalan provides consistent sales for my business and builds my reputation in terms of my brand and the food I have to offer. My products are of high quality and they stand out in this particular environment. That's why I was chosen as a vendor here. I have the opportunity to both own a booth and provide services and catering on-site. It's really gratifying to me that I'm a player in this type of retailing.

Amaia Uribarri, Truffle artisan Halles 5 Cantons - Anglet

The old traditional concept combined with Biltoki's modernized market concept revamps the image of what a European market should be. Customers are given a rich experience both in terms of tastings on-site and in food education.

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