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French-style apéritif: Garg’Antoine at Halles de Bacalan

Do you know Gargantua? Come and discover Garg’Antoine!


Garg’Antoine: apéritif is his thing!
Coming from a peasant background, he fell into his father’s pastis when he was little. Cured sausage is his pilgrim’s staff, epicurean pleasures his religion, to such an extent that they became his livelihood.

e happily and generously shares a selection of artisan, gourmet and French apéritif products. The menu is delicious and changes according to the new finds and whims of the boss.

From cured meats to delicious spreads through variations of foie gras and smoked fish, not to mention the many different drinks… just make your choice and cheer up your taste buds.

At Garg’Antoine, you eat well and drink well. Because… after all, you can’t let them get you down!

Find Antoine and his delicious apéritifs at Halles Bacalan in Bordeaux.