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Maison Balme: truffle artisan

The history

At Balme, truffles are part of the family as the business started over a century ago in the Vaucluse in the heart of Provence. No fewer than four generations of truffle growers have succeeded each other, pacing the rich and fertile lands of the Luberon to Mont Ventoux, with the sole aim of offering you the best of this noble and mysterious mushroom.

In 2013, Thomas Balme and Mikel Poueyts decided to combine the wealth of their home regions, the Provençal truffle and Basque gastronomy, to create Maison Balme.

Today, tasting after tasting, test after test, the two partners have democratized the truffle and its environment with new customers eager for new pleasures and discoveries.

A mysterious fungus!

The nature and origin of the truffle has long been a mystery. We now know that this mushroom is an underground cousin of the morel.
Its rarity is related to the complexity of all the factors necessary for its growth. Truffles grow underground and are therefore not detectable by humans. The truffle collector needs support from the only two animals that have been trained to sniff out truffles: sows or dogs. A third animal also comes into its own and helps dig out truffles: the fly.

Find truffles of Maison Balme in our covered markets: Bacalan and Anglet.