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Cédric Bergez de la Charcuterie Aubard

A successful conversion at Halles d’Anglet

Cédric Bergez, of Charcuterie Aubard, officiates at les Halles des 5 Cantons 
Cédric became a charcutier at the end of his professional rugby career in 2009. He now offers exceptional products upholding the same quality and excellence as his grandfather and mother before him.

Flagship products

The centerpieces? Famous Bayonne ham, this gem of the salting process, benefits from the IPG label attesting that it is a ham of great origin refined for 12 months in their natural dryer and rubbed with Espelette pepper.
Kintoa AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) ham is matured for 20 months or more. It is an exceptional ham, made from heavy Iberian pigs. The breeding and processing of these Basque pigs is an ancestral skill that covers the whole production chain.
The black pigs of the Basque Country live on the hillsides of the mountains of the Basque Country and feed on acorns and chestnuts. The ham is dried and matured in the open air, taking advantage of the warm southerly winds alternating with the ocean’s sea air currents for several years.

The pillar of Basque charcuterie

Cédric Bergez strongly advocates the quality of the fresh products he works with, applying absolute rigor and highlighting “the tradition of taste”.
Cédric Bergez received the gold medal for Bayonne ham, the silver medal for Kintoa AOC ham and the bronze medal for his home-made white ham at the General Agricultural Competition in 2017.