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Gekko Gourmet: an invitation to share

An unusual story

Patrick & Laurent, a creative gourmet and a talented chef, are two friends that are passionate about cooking. Since 2008, they have imagined recipes that take taste buds on a journey: from Provence to the remotest discoveries… In their workshop, located in the Regional Park of Sainte-Baume in the Var, they select ingredients for their flavor, natural origin and quality to make each barbecue and each drinks party a unique and delicious moment!

An original concept

The Gekko concept is more than a set of products revolving around hospitality and sharing. Delicious grilled meats, with original spreads, and a selection of cold cuts to share…  

All the ingredients used are selected for their quality. Many of their recipes are 100% natural, like their sausages. 

These two friends work every day to reduce and eliminate preservatives, chemical additives and nitrite preparations, while maintaining optimal food safety. They also guarantee traceability for the entire product range.

A range to devour
  • Delicious pieces of French meat: beef, pork, chicken, lamb, duck High quality, marinated skewers 
  • An original choice of French grilling sausages (more than 20 varieties of chipolatas) all made from finely selected fresh French meat
  • A beautiful range of charcuterie: nitrite-free ham, truffled ham, raw ham, cured meats, pâtés…
  • A wide variety of antipasti, tapas, tapenade and other spreads
  • Spreads to go with drinks, tapenade, flavours of Provence or from all over the World
  • Homemade food cooked from the products of the stall 

At Gekko Gourmet, all the products are clearly labeled. This commitment is a cornerstone of the success of the brand and has contributed to the pride of the teams for over 10 years.

Feeling hungry? So are we! See you in Spring 2021 at Les Halles de Toulon!