Authentic places to meet around food

Biltoki's modernized gastronomic markets provide unparalleled quality food options from local producers. But there's one detail that makes a big impact. And that's that our farmers/vendors/artisans prepare their food on-site for tastings shared amongst friends and family, at any time of the day.

Just like the old-school European markets, all of the traditional food vendors are represented in Biltoki's markets. Every morning, the bakery makes their daily baguettes on premises, farmers unpack their fruits and vegetables, butchers carve their meat, fishmongers throw down ice and reorganize their booths according to the catch of the day, and cheesemongers add the finishing touches to their displays on the daily.

From seafood towers to regional cheese and charcuterie platters, all of our vendors offer samples of their products to our customers for in-store tastings. Alongside these traditional vendors, the made to order vendors co-exist with the market's kitchens where local chefs present cooking demonstrations using all of the fresh produce the market has to offer.

Beyond just the usual market transactions, Biltoki goes above and beyond to provide a better customer experience at all levels:

Buying, Eating, Sharing.

The best local artisans

Whether they are world-famous or up-and-coming cooking talent, our artisans are all highly skilled professionals in their field with particular knowledge and expertise in their region. Through them, our ambition is clear: to showcase their skills, the richness of the region they belong to and the superior products made by these local artisans who feed us daily.

We all know how to eat, but eating healthy - by avoiding the middle man - is essential. Eating well means eating locally sourced and in-season produce. Methodically cultivated, captured, raised, or freshly cooked by local artisans. And there is no reason why honey from the beehive, cheese from the farm, eggs from the chicken coop, fruits and vegetables from the garden, and meat raised by local farmers should not find their way onto the tables of all.

The beating heart of every town

Located in the center of every city, our markets ensure the growth and local identity of the towns we operate in. They bring back local shops with an unmatched level of quality by bringing together the best independent local artisans around. A market local residents are able to call their own. Just like the old-school markets of the past, Biltoki markets are laid to ensure a fun-filled, relaxing experience. No stress, just good food and good company. They are the town's hotspot. A place to be and a place to discover. Where everyone is welcome and everyone is known.

TThe ultimate spaces of conviviality, our markets are seen as real platforms dedicated to local gastronomy, accessible and open to all: schools, businesses, associations, local authorities, the media and so on. Where people come together and celebrate local food. It’s a place for the community to watch, chat, and eat. Biltoki Markets celebrate local culture and provide a sense of community.

Fun for everyone!

Good things should be shared!

Every week, the team behind the Biltoki Bar organizes activities and workshops around cooking. They also showcase products from our vendors, who also sell made-to-order meals from their booths.

Whether it's a tapas night, an outdoor barbecue or spit-roast, tastings, cooking classes, farmers markets on the weekends, or even broadcasting sporting events or conducting market tours... the list is endless. Our market is a place where anyone can host corporate events, private events, concerts or exhibitions around the world of gastronomy.

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Be Part of the Adventure!

We are constantly searching for the right people to join our extended network of food markets. Whether you are a purveyor, artisan, monger, food entrepreneur, vendor, chef, local government official, city council member, developer or a potential private partner… Let's talk!